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March - June 2014


Social media best practices

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Media Monitoring & Curation

Thank you for your participation in class today. Below you'll find the class presentation on media monitoring and digital curation.

This lesson focuses on establishing a monitoring plan as well as a social media strategy in order to identify key media and key influencers for your brand or institution. A presentation of Google's search engine syntax is also included in the presentation.

Class Assignment

Please turn in your social media plan by 13th May to my email address. I expect to receive a PPT or Keynote presentation of your findings. One or two pages is enough. Please provide your work in English, and give me website links and addresses for examples of your work (ex. if you find a blogger who is an influencer, include the website URL for the blogpost).

Have a great holiday, and see you all in two weeks!

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4 Concepts to Remember & Facebook Business Pages

This lesson presents 4 key concepts in social media marketing: engagement, influence, reach & virality. The presentation ends with a brief presentation on Facebook business pages, and a class assignment for a Facebook case study.

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Social Media Mashup

Thanks for your participation in class Wednesday. Please find the class presentation on different types of social media which we explored for the class lesson: Social Media Mashup.
Class Presentation
A look into different types of social media and the different statistics for each type of media. Blogs, social networks, video platforms and other forms of social media are considered in this presentation.

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Internet, Web 2.0 & Twitter

It was nice seeing all of you on Wednesday.  It was an interesting class, and I very much enjoyed your live-tweeting!

As a reminder, we discussed the difference between the internet and the web, the definition of Web 2.0 and how best to use Twitter for business reasons. At the end of class, everyone had a Twitter account and live-tweeted.

Class Presentation


Students are reminded that you must publish 1 post on Monday, and 1 post on Friday. Choose content (links, articles & videos) that relate to: Communications, Marketing, Digital Media or Social Media. After you publish a post, you must comment 2 classmates' posts. That means that every week you will make 2 posts, and 4 comments.

Required Reading

Before next Wednesday, please read the chapter on Social Media Mashup (pg. 5-7) in the Social Media eBook 2012.

Have a great week everyone!

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Welcome to Introduction to Social Media - Spring 2014

It was a pleasure meeting all of you in class last Wednesday. I hope that you all are as excited as I am about this semester's class. 

Below you'll find a few reminders of class guidelines as well as some links to the class blog and other useful references.

Class Presentation

Class guidelines

In order for the class to operate in the best conditions, a few guidelines have been put into place. Students are expected to follow them throughout the semester.


Live-tweeting is allowed during class, and ONLY for this class. Students are reminded that use of social media, mobile phones and computers must be approved by school faculty. You MUST ask your other professors if you can use social media in their classes if you want to live-tweet during another class. A professor's word is final. If they say no, then do not push the topic further. For this class, Mme. Puyau has graciously accepted to let us live-tweet. When you see her at ISCOM, remember to thank her for providing us with this opportunity.


Students are asked to use their ISCOM e-mail accounts for this class. Please remember to check your e-mail regularly in order to find classroom updates, school news and to contact your professors.

Class Blog

Please sign up to the class blog at There you will be able to follow class news, assignments and your classmates' creations. If you already have a blog, and would like to obtain more visibility on the web, please send me your blog link and I will backlink* it on our blog.

*Remember, blogs that are only school friendly will be backlinked. Anything that does not respect school policy will be refused.

Class Assignments

Students must do the following for next Monday, 24th March : 
  • LinkedIn - Students are required to create a LinkedIn profile. Please upload a professional photo for your profile. Remember, we are using this site to start your career. For example, when applying to internships, you will be able to send your LinkedIn profile in with your CV.
  • Join the ISCOM Montpellier Intro to Social Media group* - This is part of your semester class project. In this group you are required to share interesting links in ENGLISH only. Please publish on topics based on this class: Social Media, Global Communications or eMarketing.
  • *Remember: You must participate in this group twice a week - Monday and Friday. Students must post an interesting link on both Monday and Friday, and then they must comment at least two interesting links.
  • Publish your first post in the LinkedIn group on Monday, 24 March 2014.

Students must do the following for before next Wednesday, 26th March : 
  • The Social Media eBook 2012 - Read the chapter of the book entitled Twitter (pages 10-12), and the chapter on LinkedIn (pages 12-14). We will be discussing these topics next Wednesday. 
You can find the presentations that I use during class on the class blog. Feel free to go consult, share, tweet and download them as much as you want.

I look forward to working with you this semester. I feel that we are all going to learn much from each other. If you ever have a question or would like to talk, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Here's to an exciting semester!

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Online PR, Social Events & Social Media Tribes

Thanks to everyone for participating this semester, both in the classroom and on the web! Last Wednesday we discussed Online PR, Social Events and Social Media Tribes. The topic was interesting, and the class was engaged. Have a look at part of the discussion on Twitter:

Class Presentation

If you would like to read through the presentation given in class, you'll find it below. Feel free to download, embed and share!

Class Project

Next Wednesday, we'll be doing a final class project. For those of you who will be in class, be sure to read through the other presentations. Focus on how to identify e-Influencers and to develop a social media strategy, either for communications or for digital marketing.

Have a great week! See you all again next Wednesday!

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Mobile Media and Digital Video

Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you who are following this class. Last Wednesday was very productive!

In class, we talked about mobile media and digital videos. We identified the key data that can be obtained through smartphone applications, which can be great for digital marketing campaigns. We also looked at why marketing and communications teams should consider mobile media and digital videos, especially considering the growing amount of users of both types of media in France and throughout the world.

 Class Presentation

If you would like to read through the presentation given in class, you'll find it below. Feel free to download, embed and share!

Required Reading

Next week, we will be discussing Online PR, Social Events and Social Media Tribes. Please read pages 21-25 of the Social Media eBook 2012.

I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday. Until then, have a great week!